Berean Truth Seeker Toolbar
Berean Truth Seeker Toolbar
Jesus Christ, God, Holy Ghost, King James Bible , Contending For Truth, Dr. Scott Johnson
The Berean Truth Seeker toolbar is a King James Bible based web tool for the 21st century Christian and features the online ministry of Contending For Truth/Dr. Scott Johnson.(High-speed Cable/DSL internet connection recommended)
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News Sources

Weather Sources

Local Church Bible Publishers

LCBP Bindery & Bible Reviews

Abiding Radio 1

Abiding Radio 2

ACLJ (Jay Sekulow Live)

ACLJ (Law & Justice Files)

Alex Jones Radio Show

Alex Jones Radio Podcasts

ASGR (Southern Gospel)

AVRO De Klassieken 24/7

AVRO Light Classical

BBC (Fayetteville, NC)

BBC (Winston-Salem, NC)

Beethoven One

Bethel Church (Pastor Hoggard)

Bible Believers Baptist Fellowship(Ohio)

Bible Believer's Fellowship

Bluegrass Pike Baptist Church

Brannon Howse

CBC Radio

Choice Radio Classical

Christ In Prophecy

Classical 181.FM

Classic FM

Classical 1.FM Online

Classical WCPE (North Carolina)

Cleveland Baptist Church

CMA - Classical Music America

Contending For Truth


Daily In The Word

Faith Bible Baptist Church

FBC Radio

FBN Radio

FTCM - Sam Gipp

Global Vision Bible Church

GMS Internet Radio 1

GotRadio Classical

GotRadio Piano Perfect

Grace of Calvary Baptist Church

Hebrew Psalms Radio

HPR (Bluegrass Gospel)


IBC / Pastor Sam Adams

KDFC Classical


Lancaster Baptist Church

LBC (Wake Forest, NC)

LBC Radio

Lehigh Valley Baptist Church

Master Ministries International

Ministry 127

Mozart Piano

Mozart Symphony

Night Watch

Noise of Thunder Radio

North Valley Baptist Church

Old Christian Music Radio

Preach The Word

Preaching Freedom (Michael Slattery)

Prophecy Today (Jimmy DeYoung)

Radio Bible Hour

Radio Swiss Classical

Renaissance Radio

SKY FM Classical

SKY FM Solo Piano

Spiritual Leadership

The Gospel Hiway (Southern Gospel)

The Gospel Station

The Word For Life

Thru The Bible

Thru The Bible - Q & A

Thru The Bible - Sunday Sermons

Venice Classic Radio

Understanding The Times

WBLU 88.1 FM

WCBC Chapel

WCNH Classical

WDCY AM 1520

WETA Classical

WGIB Radio

WKJV 1380 AM

WOAK 90.9 FM

Word of Truth


WSOF 89.5 FM

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